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Tortoise for sale

If you are looking to buy a baby tortoise for sale, tortoise hatchlings, or adult tortoises for sale online, you’ve come to the right place!

Tortoise town offers the widest selection of captive-bred and hatched baby tortoises for sale anywhere.  Our beautiful hand raised babies are shipped overnight to your door via UPS or FedEx.  All tortoises are overseen by our staff Animal Biologist.

tortoise for sale

Small, Medium & Large Tortoises for sale

Our most popular tortoises among customers are the smallest sized tortoises.  Also known as tiny tortoises, or mini or dwarf tortoises for sale.  Small tortoises include Species like Russian, Egyptian, Hermann’s and Indian Star tortoises.

Small tortoises for sale range in price

Egyptian tortoises are by far our favorites here at the tortoise farm.  Unfortunately, they are also pretty expensive, since they lay one egg.  All year we care for our adult Egyptian tortoises and are lucky to get a few eggs per adult female.  For this reason, they are always in high demand and low supply.  If you are interested in getting a baby Egyptian tortoise for sale from us, please email customer service asking availability.

small tortoise for sale

Medium tortoise breeds

Medium species of tortoise include Greek, Sri Lankan, and Burmese Star, Red-Footed tortoises and more.  Cherry head tortoise, as well as yellow-footed tortoise, are also medium in size.  Leopard tortoises are also considered to be a medium-sized breed of tortoises.

What size does a red-footed tortoise grow to?

Classification as a medium tortoise here at our tortoise farm is 11-16″ as an adult.  Medium tortoises can be kept in setups 2-3′ when small and 3-8′ when fully mature.  Some species like the red and yellow-footed tortoise for sale require higher humidity than others.

tortoises for sale

Large species of tortoise for sale

Large tortoises make up the largest group of tortoises as well as the biggest.  Tortoise species that grow from 16-40″ and 75-500 lbs are classified as large species of tortoise.  Giants like the African Sulcata tortoise for sale can weigh as much as 150 lbs.

How large do large tortoises grow?

Did you know that the Giant Aldabra can weigh as much as 550 lbs.?  Aldabra tortoises can also live for over 200 years!  Most larger species of tortoise are fairly inexpensive, however, some are very pricey based on how rare they are!  Sulcata tortoises are only 99.00 and up, whereas Giant South Africans are closer to $400.00.

giant tortoise for sale

All of our tortoise hatchlings, juveniles, and adult come with our live arrival guarantee.  Not only do we guarantee live arrival, but we also have a health guarantee.

Healthy baby tortoises shipped to your door

All of our captive bred tortoises are hand raised and come with a full 7-day health guarantee.  Lastly, with a real biologist on-site, we are able to offer some of the best customer service of all tortoise breeders.  If you’ve got questions about your new baby tortoise, feel free to shoot us an email!