Adult  Sulcata tortoises for sale

Tortoise town has some beautiful Adult Sulcata tortoises for sale.  All of our adult Sulcata for sale are 100% captive bred here at our tortoise farm.  One shipping charge a single tortoise for sale as well as covers up to 4 juvenile, adult or baby tortoise for sale.

baby Sulcata tortoise baby tortoises for sale Sulcata tortoise care  Tortoise Town is proud to offer the nicest African Sulcata tortoises for sale!

We guarantee that you will absolutely love your new Sulcata tortoise so much, that you will want another soon after meeting him or her.  If you are considering a pair of Suclata tortoises, keep in mind that females get along well, and if you are planning on keeping both male and female it is recommended to get 2 to 3 females for every single male.

If you like the adult African Sulcata tortoise but think it is too big of a pet tortoise for you, consider another African tortoise, the Leopard tortoise.