leopard tortoise for sale

Tortoise Town’s tortoise farm has the nicest captive-bred leopard tortoise for sale!

baby leopard tortoise

Here at Tortoise Town’s tortoise farm, all of our leopard tortoise for sale are captively bred.  Originally leopard tortoises are from Africa and are the 2nd largest tortoise on the continent of Africa.  When considering purchasing a leopard tortoise for sale cheap, keep in mind they grow to just about 12-16″.  Giant South African leopard tortoise for sale, the larger cousin, is large, much larger than it’s smaller East African cousin.

leopard tortoise for sale

Leopard tortoises for sale cheap sound too large of a tortoise for you to handle? No problem!

giant leopard tortoise

There are many other types of baby tortoise including many captive bred baby tortoise for sale options including:

Smaller species of tortoise

ILooking for a tiny tortoise or a small tortoise for saleTypically, you will be shopping within the “Testudo tortoise” family.  Small tortoise species range in size at full adulthood between 4 and 8 inches.   Unlike other tortoise farms, all of our baby tortoises are hand raised at tortoise town.  By doing this, we can ensure they’re friendly, outgoing, and curious for human interaction.

leopard tortoise for sale cheap

Here at TT, our small tortoise grouping includes the smaller species captive bred tortoise in the USA, the Egyptian.  Small tortoise for sale, or tiny tortoise species include:

  • Egyptian tortoises
  • Hermann tortoise
  •  Western Hermanns tortoise
  • Eastern Hermann tortoise
  • Russian tortoises for sale 
  • greek tortoise
  • Indian star tortoise

Medium Sized tortoisesp

Besides small and large tortois, Tortoise town has a large variety of captive-bred baby tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Some medium-sized tortoises include the popular and colorful red-footed tortoise, yellow foot tortoise and cherry head. 

 medium sized tortoise species available:

Leopard tortoises will appear in both medium and large as they are right in between, growing 11-16″.  Giant leopard tortoise can reach 18-24″ and should be considered large. 

  • Sri Lankan Star Tortoise
  • Burmese star tortoise
  • red foot tortoise
  • yellow foot tortoise
  • cherry head tortoise
  •  Ibera Greek tortoise 
  • Golden Greek tortoise
  •  Elongated tortoise
  • leopard tortoise
  • leopard tortoise for sale

Larger species of tortoise include the popular leopard tortoise for sale

Some Larger species of tortoise include African leopard tortoise for sale that reach a size of 14-48″ in total shell length once mature.  Of all species of leopard torts, the most common larger tortoises are the African Sulcata and leopard tortoise.  Both of these tortoises naturally occur in Africa.

Whereas the Giant leopard tortoise of South Africa, also known as Pardalis Pardalis, can grow up to 24″.  The largest species of tortoise in the world are going to be the Galapagos tortoise and the Giant Aldabra tortoise. There are many other types of baby tortoises including many captive bred baby tortoises for sale options including:

  • Mississippi map turtle for sale

    Mississippi Map turtle for sale

    $32.95$74.95 Sale!
  • baby map turtle

    geographic map turtle

    $32.95$74.95 Sale!
  • spiny softshell turtle for sale

    Spiny Softshell turtle for sale

    $59.99$169.95 Sale!
  • Common Mud Turtle

    Common Mud turtle for sale

    $59.99$99.95 Sale!
  • 3 striped mud turtle for sale

    Three striped mud turtle for sale

    $74.99$119.95 Sale!
  • hieroglyphic river cooter for sale

    Eastern River Cooter turtle

    $77.00$139.00 Sale!
  • eastern painted turtle for sale

    eastern painted turtle

    $79.95$139.95 Sale!
  • African Sidenecked turtles for sale

    West African Side Necked Turtle

    $89.95$109.00 Sale!
  • japanese pond turtles for sale

    Japanese pond turtle for sale

    $139.00$179.00 Sale!
  • East African Serrated Side-Necked Turtle

    East African Serrated Side-Necked Turtle

    $139.95$459.95 Sale!
  • albino slider turtle for sale

    Albino Red Eared Slider turtle

    $229.95$399.00 Sale!
  • caramel leopard tortoise for sale

    caramel leopard tortoise for sale

    $259.00$379.00 Sale!
  • ivory leopard tortoise

    ivory leopard tortoise for sale

    $279.00$399.00 Sale!
  • mata mata turtle for sale

    mata mata turtle

    $279.95$395.95 Sale!
  • albino red eared slider for sale

    Lemon Lime Albino Slider turtle

    $299.95$449.00 Sale!